Surrendering - something we sometimes have to do, but really wish we didn't..

Surrendering a bunny is never an easy task and we will try our hardest to help you with your situation. We at Floppy Ear Rescue never judge a family or an individual for needing to surrender their beloved fluffy pet, whether it be due to hardship, medical conditions or other unfortunate events.

If there is a way for us to help you keep your pet, please do let us know and we'll work with you towards reaching that goal, as every bunny needs a home and that perfect home is most likely with you! We can work towards the proper nutrition, medical needs, housing, etc.


If you must surrender your bunny(ies) to the rescue, we'll require some information from you. Reason for surrendering, age/gender/medical needs of the bunny(ies). Any current items that the bunny(ies) use, we do ask that they accompany them as well to ease the stress of the move/rehome.

When surrendering a bunny to us, the surrendering fee is $175 for males and $200 for females.  If the bunny you're surrendering is already fixed and you're able to provide us with proof, the surrendering fee is $100

If you're surrendering a guniea pig or a chinchilla, the surrendering fee is $70 as that covers a portion of the vet fees for exotic animals.

**[Please see button towards the bottom of thr page, underneath the Surrender Form to pay the appropriate surrender fee, we will let you know which one to pick prior to submitting payment].

Why are you paying a fee:  We do not adopt out bunnies that are not fixed.  As we operate on donations, it up to the original owner to provide us with the sterilization fee in order for us to have this procedure completed in a safe and professional manner.  The remainder of the funds will remain with us for future medical needs and vet appointments - these average around $200+ each time, especially if procedures and testing is needed.

We must ensure that when a bunny is surrendered, that we always have enough funds to cover their every need after they're brought to us.  You may no longer be able to care for them and we understand that, but we cannot assist folks with this important step if we cannot fully support the bunny and his/her needs for the duration of their stay with us.

The average stay of a surrendered bunny is anywhere from a few months to a year and over.  Certain situations make bunnies unadoptable, in which case they become part of our Sanctuary.

Please know that we love each and every bunny that comes through our doors.  We treat them all as our own with pure compassion and strive to find them THE perfect home where they'll be loved and cared for just like you loved and cared for them.  Our adoption contract does request that if the new adopter cannot keep their new companion any longer, that they return him/her to us only.



When surrendering, a specific form must be filled out and submitted as this form shows the transfer of ownership over to Floppy Ear Rescue.  This form can be found below and printed at home.  Surrender fees can be paid cash or via card during drop off.

If you're unable to print this form out and bring it with you at time of surrender, please let us know and we'll have one ready for you.

After filling out the form, we do require a surrender fee to be paid, either via our link below or when bringing your bun to us.  Please wait to pay the fee so we can guide you on the appropriate amount.  If you already know the correct amount, you're more than welcome to complete the payment process prior to ariving.