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Bringing Your Bunny Home

What you'll need to set up the perfect home!

Bringing your new fluffy companion home is very exciting, but you must first have their new home set up prior to doing so.  By having their new set-up ready prior to having them join your family, this helps the transition process be easier for the bunny to adjust to.  Read below for the items we encourage our new adopting families to have ready:

*Crate for housing at night only [bunnies need to have the room to run, hop and stretch freely throughout the day.  The purpose of a crate or a bunny safe hutch is simply for a safe hideaway for them to go in if needed!], where the food/water and litter box is at (best size to pick 42"/48") -

((We line the bottom of their crates with blankets as well.  This is so important because bunnies can get sores on their hocks from sitting on hard trays/floors.))

*Exercise Pen - we use these to let the buns roam around when they cannot free roam the house/area and use these for outdoor play time (pick any size you feel is best, bigger is better, especially if you intend to sit inside with them) -

•Important - If you're unable to supervise your bunny, it is best to place them inside the x-pen to prevent any harm coming to them.  Bunnies, by nature, are very curious, and can chew on spicy hay (wires), furniture and unsafe items that may cause them to choke.  We highly recommend bunny-proofing your home and to place your bunny in an x-pen when leaving your home.

*Litter Pan (we got ours from Walmart, but any L/XL litter box will do) -

*Water/Food Lockable Bowls (We choose these because they cannot flipped over!) -

*Litter Box contents (these pellets go under the hay) -

*Timothy Hay - Any brand will do! 

Walmart, Tractor Supply and any pet store has this type of hay, it's readily available.  Inside the litter box, on top of the pine pellets, its all full of hay.  Buns poop/urinate where they eat, so this method works best as it encourages them to graze on the hay throughout the day which is very much needed, remember 80% of their diet is hay.

*Food (pellets) - We currently use Oxbow Garden Select in our rescue.  A highly recommended pellet food is Sherwood, give them a try!

Sherwood Pet Health -

Oxbow Garden Select: