Adoption Process

Wondering how adoption process works?  Continue reading below for more information!

First step is to fill out an application so we can get to know you and your family better, this helps us match the bunny to your family!  Once the application is filled out, we review it and from there we set-up a meet and greet if application is approved.  At times, certain situations prevent us from approving an application and we try our best to work with the potential adopter to make certain changes as needed.

Within the application, you'll see that we ask you to pick a bunny, this isn't necessary if you're aren't sure yet.  We will go over your wants/needs in a bunny and be able to make recommendations.

During the meet and greet, we set up an x-pen for you to sit with the bunny so that you can get to know the bun a bit better and for us to see how both the bunny and the potential adopter interact with each other.  Note - every bunny is usually timid when they first sit with an individual, this is completely normal and does not mean a bond won't be successful.

Prior to taking a bunny home, we do require that a set-up is ready for the bunny as this helps the transition process go more smoothly and less stressful for the bunny.  A carrier will also be needed for transporting the bunny back to your home with you.  We don't recommend holding the bunny on your lap if your drive home is rather far, as bunnies can and will jump off your lap and possibly injure themselves.

Once the bunny is brought home, we highly suggest to give the bunny 2 or more weeks to decompress and adjust to their new environment.  Attempting to handle the bunny right away will cause further stress to them and can result in biting or nipping while prolonging the bonding process as the bunny now sees you as a threat of some sort, please give them time!

We provide the bunny's current food in a small bag, enough for a week for you transition them to whatever type of pellet food you intend to feed them.  DO NOT FEED SEEDS OF ANY SORT TO YOUR BUNNY!!  If you're unsure of what brand of pellets to get, just let us know and we'll make a few recommendations based off our knowledge.

If for any reason your family is unable to continue to care for the bunny, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll try our best to assist you.  If offering assistance does not help your family in regards to keeping the bunny and the bunny needs to be returned to us, we gladly take our bunnies back as we don't want to put any further stress on your family, just let us know!


Our adoption fee is $60 and can be paid via PayPal (we have a special link under FORMS), cash or CashApp.  Please note we do not accept checks, we apologize for any inconvenience.

If you should have any questions in regards to the adoption process, don't hesitate to message us through our contact form.

We hope and look forward to having you join our Floppy Ear Rescue family!!