Non-profit 501(c)(3) Rescue

Available Soon!

These fluff buts are under examination and/or waiting for 

their spay/neuter appointments.

Remember to check back often for Updates!

Meet Stormi - a very loving young boy that loves getting his head rubbed!  He's currently healing from a surgery he needed.  We're hoping to have a home lined up for him once his stitches heal and he's back to his normal playful self.


▪︎This beauty is undergoing some treatments for her very swollen private area and is one of the sweetest & calmest bunnies we have ever had come through our doors.

▪︎She previously was a 4H bun and was adopted by a family who could no longer care for her properly..

▪︎Thankfully, she's now in our care and we can help her heal. Here's to Elenor's speedy recovery, we just KNOW there's the perfect family out there for her

Will be available for adoption on 08/05/21