🖤 Welcome to Sponsor A Sanctuary Fluff Butt 🖤

Here you'll be able to find all of our sanctuary fluff butts that will continue their journies under our care.  Our sanctuaries are treated with the outmost love and respect.  We view each and everyone of them as our own and truly love them as such.  Because each bunny, guniea pig, chinchilla, etc. may have had their own rough adventure prior to joining FER, we must make adjustments to make each and everyone of them as comfortable as they can be.  Some may enjoy being handled by us while some refuse any type of attention. When this happens, we make sure to provide them with different types of toys [plush, chew and everything in between] to make up for it.

We never forcefully interact with a sanctuary when they chose not to.  We give each one of them their own space while maintaining a close relationship.

To maintain the appropriate level of stimulation and care per fluff butt, we need help.  Some have health conditions and need medicine on a daily basis, while some have no teeth and require special food and nutrition.  Some simply need new toys often to keep them interested and save them from boredom.

Please look below and find the fluff butt you'd like to sponsor and whatever amount you may decide to send him or her, will go towards their specific needs.  If you'd like to personally send them a goodie box, we'll be happy to share our address with you, just let us know.  We will update you with images and keep you posted as often as you'd like 🖤

 Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Sharon & John 

🖤 Meet our Sanctuaries 🖤



Jeffrey & Bluebell

Tiki | Ivy | Thumper