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Adoption and Surrender Forms


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Adoption Form:

To pay adoption fee via PayPal (Visa/Credit Card):

Adoption Fee is $60 per bunny which includes a small bag of transition food and any toys that may belong to the bunny.

(Please note - when paying via PayPal, a small processing fee has already been applied to the total of $61.70)


Surrendering a bunny is never an easy task and we will try our hardest to help you with your situation. We at Floppy Ear Rescue never judge a family or an individual for needing to surrender their beloved fluffy pet, whether it be due to hardship, medical conditions or other unfortunate events.

If there is a way for us to help you keep your pet, please do let us know and we'll work with you towards reaching that goal, as every bunny needs a home and that perfect home is most likely with you! We can work towards the proper nutrition, medical needs, housing, etc.


If you must surrender your bunny(ies) to the rescue, we'll require some information from you. Reason for surrendering, age/gender/medical needs of the bunny(ies). Any current items that the bunny(ies) use, we do ask that they accompany them as well to ease the stress of the move/rehome.

When surrendering a bunny to us, the surrendering fee is $175 for males and $200 for females.  This fee covers the spay/neuter which will be done by a highly skilled exotic vet (the bunny will also be given pain medication to take home for a few days).  If the bunny you're surrendering is already fixed and you're able to provide us with proof, the surrendering fee is $100


If you're unable to print this form out and bring it with you at time of surrender, please let us know and we'll have one ready for you.


Surrender Form:


Would you like to foster one or more of our bunnies?

Fostering is an exciting and a very rewarding experience!

You may not be able to adopt a fluff butt at the moment, but you're certain that you'd like to help SOMEHOW and that somehow is FOSTERING!!!! By fostering, you're helping not only the rescue by allowing it to have more space, but also helping the bunny itself get more one on one attention.


The best thing about fostering is that we provide all the necessary items, such as food, hay, bedding, litter tray, x-pen, blankets and crate. The only 3 things you'll be required to provide is LOVE, your time and greens (veggies/lettuce).


If you'd like to Foster, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP!


Foster Form: