When bunnies are unable to be adopted out, whether its due to an illness, age, a condition or temperament, they remain under our care for the remainder of their lives.  If you'd like to support or foster one of these beauties, please don't hesitate to contact us as we ALWAYS can use the help! 

If you may be interested in adopting one or more of our sanctuary bunnies, please let us know 💕

Meet our sanctuary companions

These beautiful girls below all came from a hoarding situation in February 20'.

Each one of these girls have their own unique personality, though they're quite shy and timid due to their past.  In their previous location, they were kept outdoors at all times and away from human contact.  They were allowed to stay in a small wooden box/cage like where they laid in their own filth and were provided old hay to graze from.  We'd love to find foster homes for each one of these girls so that they can get more one on one attention, please let us know if you'd like to become a foster family!

Dobby here is approximately 15 years old and was brought to our rescue in December.  We have very little information about this little guy but he makes our hearts full just by being his grumpy little self.  Building a bond with a 15 year old Chinchilla may be a bit difficult, but we have faith!  As we slowly get to know him, he is treated with the outmost respect and love, Chinchilla safe treats and his own quiet space.  Something Dobby really loves to do is swat/smack our hand away when we gently & slowly approach him for some pets and treats and that's what makes him special to us!


Thumper has been with us since 2013 and is believed to be around 10-11 years old.  We were given him at a yard sale when the owners no longer wanted him.  A few months later we had gotten Tiki so Thumper could have a partner, but we were told the wrong gender (this all happened many many years prior to our rescue being established).  Much to our surprise, a month later, Tiki gave birth to 15 beautiful babies - only 9 survived.  We managed to find homes for them all and kept Ivy.  Our Trio is what started the rescue, but many years later.  We gained knowledge over the years and experience that have led us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome bunnies that needed our help.  Tiki is a Giant Flemish weighing around 11-12 lbs while Thumper is a dwarf mix weighing about 3lbs and their daughter Ivy is about 9-10lbs. 

Earlier in 2023, our Tiki crossed the Rainbow Bridge 

Mr. Gerb has joined our family May of 2021.  We had wanted to rescue a sweet Gerbil and found the most adorable little nugget.  Mr. Gerb has brought us so much joy by just being himself and has taught us so much along the way.  Our sweet nugget is approximately 3-4 yrs old and has us wrapped around his little hands.

Mr. Gerb has crossed the Rainbow bridge due to a tumor that we couldn't operate on.  

We have since taken in his 3 sons, who look identical to their father.  We miss our Mr. Gerb terribly and am happy to remember him everyday while caring for his sons.

Mr. Hammie was rescued from a family who were told the wrong gender of their new hamster and ended up with a few sweet little babies.  They had reached out to us to ask for help finding these precious babies find homes.  We were able to find homes for 2 of the other babies and agreed to take one in to be our own.  Mr. Hammie is extremely fast, small and oh so adorable!!  This little guy is a Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

Update:  Jeffrey and Bluebell are now bonded and live together.  They chirp quite often as they play hide and seek while chasing one another, but their love and fondness for each other is like no other.  Bluebell often hides under Jeffrey for comfort, but he quickly helps her overcome her fears by coming out to us during feeding times and to investigate the situation.

Jeffrey came to us from a family who had both him and Gary (who was adopted earlier this year) and didn't know that both piggies were males.  2 adult males put together will eventually fight due to territorial reasons (we say this out of experience and much research!).  After a long search for the perfect home for our little guy, we had decided that Jeffrey's best home will be with us.  We have since built our bond with him, know his like and dislikes and of course enjoy his whistling as well!  Jeffrey calls out to us when he hears us talking or when a plastic bag is crumbled up!

Bluebell was surrendered to us by a wonderful teacher who had to relocate for a job.  We have since kept Bluebell as our little sweet piggie and have since bonded with her.  We absolutely adore her little whistles around lunch time and anytime she hears our voices!  We hope to one day bond Jeffrey and Bluebell so they can be lifetime partners, this is of course once Jeffrey can be neutered!

Frodo was originally from a H.S. who normally does not handle bunnies, just dogs and cats.  When we received the call about taking him in, we were not aware of his broken/dislocated hip/foot, as we were not given those details.  We were unprepared to take another sanctuary under our care, but quickly fell in love with this baby boy and were over the moon with his gentleness.  We're still in the process of figuring out his condition and whether or not it is fixable.  Although his hip/foot does not sit properly, he's quite the fast runner [we found this the hard way, haha] and he doesn't seem to notice that he's slightly different than the others.  He's finally putting on some weight, has been neutered and is living a wonderful life with us.  The vets have advised us that over the years, as Frodo ages, he may suffer from arthritis pain and so we've taken on the challenge to ensure that he'll always be taken care of and loved for the beautiful angel that he is.


Asher was surrendered to us in March due to previous owner unable to provide the proper attention she needed.  She was kept outdoors and brought in during storms and cold weather.

Originally, Asher's mom thought she was a boy for over 6yrs and once she entered our rescue, we confirmed that she was in fact a female but decided to keep her unique name!

Asher is a calm older girl who absolutely LOVES to be petted, but also likes her own space.  As Asher was originally up for adoption, we had high hopes that a calm family will fall in love with her and give her an amazing life.  Though, while she's been under care, she has experienced very dry eyes that will need some attention (from wipes to applying non-medicated drops) and no one has come for her.  We've decided to keep Asher as a sanctuary and possibly bond her with one of our other sanctuaries as she's just an amazingly sweet girl who deserves the world.  Age is nothing but a number, but unfortunately, not many have the heart to open up their homes to an elderly bunny, we, however, love her no differently!


Albert was transferred to us from another rescue, bonded with his late partner, Topanga.

The age we were given was approximately 9 years old, though he's quite spunky and sweet.  He loves his hay and pellets, has great litter manners and is all around a wonderful little bun.

As we've been unable to find the perfect home for Albert, we've decided he may do best staying under our care as a sanctuary.  Our hopes is to bond him to one of our sanctuary girls so he can once more have a companion.  We would love if all of our sanctuary beauties had a partner and that is a goal we'll be working towards over time.

If you'd like to consider adopting him, please let us know!


Emma is one of the loose babies that were found/rescued in Coral Springs that we took in.  We believe Emma to be between 1-1.5yrs old.

She has an appetite and is drinking well!

Emma is quite afraid of just about everything but with time she'll learn to trust and play.  We highly recommend that Emma goes to a home with an experienced and patient bunny owner. 

This sweet girl must eat a certain type of pellet food and be kept away from Orchard hay, but can be given Timothy or Oat hay at all times!


Our sweet Bandit is now back in our care.  After being returned twice due to no fault of his own, he was returned to us and spent some time at his original rescue, but due to some unforeseen circumstances and changes, they had asked us to take him and give him the attention he needs, we of course agreed right away.  Bandit seems to have some GI concerns that we're slowly getting under control, but vet visits come more often for this boy because of the GI issues..  This adorable and gentle boy wants ALL the love and cuddles in the world and he'll get just that with us, plus any medical care he'll ever need.  This boy won't be given up on again.


Meet Bourbon, a 9yr old bun who happens to have but 1 tooth in his entire mouth, with the exception of his front incisors and unfortunately they're in very poor condition.  Bourbon prefers to suck on his pellets and waits for them daily.  Due to having no teeth to chew, Bourbon is unable to eat hay and for this reason, we're looking into the best pellet food to keep his GI system regular and healthy.  This sweet boy just looks for attention and cuddles at all times and he absolutely deserves it all!