Non-profit 501(c)(3) Rescue

When bunnies are unable to be adopted out, whether its due to an illness, age, a condition or temperament, they remain under our care for the remainder of their lives.  If you'd like to support or foster one of these beauties, please don't hesitate to contact us as we ALWAYS can use the help!

Meet our sanctuary companions

These beautiful girls below all came from a hoarding situation in February 20'.

Each one of these girls have their own unique personality, though they're quite shy and timid due to their past.  In their previous location, they were kept outdoors at all times and away from human contact.  They were allowed to stay in a small wooden box/cage like where they laid in their own filth and were provided old hay to graze from.  We'd love to find foster homes for each one of these girls so that they can get more one on one attention, please let us know if you'd like to become a foster family!

Hershey came to us from a farm, where she was part of a petting zoo and at one point belong to an autistic child.  We do believe that Hershey was used for breeding throughout her life, thus she has a very fluffy dewlap!  Due to complications during her spay surgery (having to do with her dewlap), Hershey was brought back twice and the surgery could not be completed.  We have since decided to keep this sweet beautiful girl at our rescue permanently to ensure that she isn't used for breeding once more.  She's extremely gentle and a bit timid.

Thumper has been with us since 2013 and is believed to be around 10-11 years old.  We were given him at a yard sale when the owners no longer wanted him.  A few months later we had gotten Tiki so Thumper could have a partner, but we were told the wrong gender (this all happened many many years prior to our rescue being established).  Much to our surprise, a month later, Tiki gave birth to 15 beautiful babies - only 9 survived.  We managed to find homes for them all and kept Ivy.  Our Trio is what started the rescue, but many years later.  We gained knowledge over the years and experience that have led us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome bunnies that needed our help.  Tiki is a Giant Flemish weighing around 11-12 lbs while Thumper is a dwarf mix weighing about 3lbs and their daughter Ivy is about 9-10lbs.