Need a safe place to board your bunny or other small companion while you travel?  A place that knows how to make a bunny feel loved and welcomed?  Let our family take care of your companion while you're away! 

If you haven't noticed yet, we absolutely LOVE bunnies, chinchillas, guniea pigs and everythingin between.  Whether your small furry companion needs medicine or has special needs, we'll take care of them as if they were our own.  We can follow the same routine/schedule you do at home to ensure your fuzzy baby isn't stressed. 

Because we've have numerous bunnies come in and out of our sanctuary, we tend to notice and pick up on health concerns an animal may have, so if for any reason we may notice a concern, we'll notify you right away and work WITH YOU on getting your companion's health back to normal.  We truly care for your pet's health as if he/she was our own. 

If you've adopted from us or another rescue/location, we welcome all with open arms.  Go ahead and send us a message so we can begin the boarding process so you can travel without worries!

When boarding your companion, we will need their very basic everyday items only.

These items are:

Litter Box Tray | Food | Blanket(s) | 1 or 2 toys

Please understand that we have limited space and bringing ALL of their belongings is not necessary and will simply crowd the rescue room.  If too many items are brought, we will be forced to send them back with you.

Due to new policies, boarding payments must be made during drop off or a form must be filled out with payment information, which will be used only once the boarding companion(s) is/are picked up. As we have had too many abandoned animals left behind and refusals to pay the boarding fee, these changes are to protect the sanctuary.

Abandoning an animal is illegal (Under Florida Statute § 828.13). If your intentions are to board your pet with us, only to not return for them, we will ask for the boarding fee to be paid in full, including a surrender fee.  If you fail to pay these fees, we will be forced to take legal actions.

Bunnies boarding will now be boarded in an XL crate, this is for their own safety as bunnies can and will jump an x-pen especially when in a new area and frightened.  During their stay with us, exercise time will be provided as we fully understand the animal's needs for stimulation and free roam time.

We have MANY who board with us, year after year and multiple times throughout the year.  For this reason, we take the safety of your companion very seriously.

If you need to extend the boarding time of your companion with us due to delayed flights/change of plans, we must be notified within a few days prior to pick up to ensure that we have the space. We book boarding back to back and it is very crucial that we are made aware of your travel changes.  We understand flights can change last minute and ask that you notify us right away.  Notifying us of you staying an extra week the day of pick up, is not acceptable.

Boarding bunnies that are not fixed and are not litter box trained are required to be brought with additional blankets as they soil our beds and blankets and we cannot reuse them, unfortunately.

Boarding guniea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals must be brought within an appropriate enclosure, we cannot supply that for you.

Need to pay a boarding fee?

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