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Adopt Me


Mini is not only a gorgeous girl, but very sweet and calm.

A bit shy and quiet but loves head rubs.

Mini is looking for a calm household ready to give her love.

Would love to free-roam (or at least have enough space to hop, stretch and play inside an x-pen) and has excellent litter box manners!

Mini will need to be an only bunny as she loves to have all of the attention on her, she's not a fan of sharing her hoomans

Angie - In Foster Care

Angie is a shy girl that will require an experienced handler to work with her. Once she's given the time and space to grow with the proper family, she'll blossom into the perfect bun that she is. She had a rough past and deserves the perfect family to help come out of her shell.


Emma is one of the loose babies that were found/rescued in Coral Springs that we took in.  We believe Emma to be between 1-1.5yrs old.

She has an appetite and is drinking well!

Emma is quite afraid of just about everything but with time she'll learn to trust and play.  We highly recommend that Emma goes to a home with an experienced and patient bunny owner. 


Say hello to Peaches - We believe she's approximately 1-1.5yrs old..

She's quite timid but with a family's love and support , she'll be ready for a home in no time. She has quite the appetite and is learning to play little by little.

Peaches was part of a rescued group that were set loose in Coral Springs.  We highly recommend that Peaches goes to a home with an experienced and patient bunny owner.

Zoe - In Foster Care

Meet Zoe, this beautiful Lionhead-Angora mixed girl is unique!

She was surrendered to us by a family who could no longer keep her due to moving into a smaller apartment.  We believe Zoe to be around 2-3 years old as she was adopted last year (2020) for Easter.  Zoe will require constant grooming by her family to help keep fur from tangling and matting, this will also help to bond!  

Zoe has a very sweet personality and loves to play and explore once she becomes comfortable in her surroundings and trusts her humans.  She's quite the beauty and we can't stress enough how important it is to keep up with her grooming needs or she will become VERY matted and an experienced bunny groomer will need to remove the matted hair from her.


Mochi was surrendered to us by a family who cared for both him and Stormi together.  When both Mochi and his brother reached a certain age (maturity) they began fighting and had to be separated.. 

Fast forward - Today Mochi is an absolute sweetheart that simply wants to explore and be loved on.  Although not a big fan of being held for long, Mochi does love to be pet and receive headrubs!  This boy would love nothing more than a family of his own to love him and provide him with toys, chew sticks and an adventurous home.


These beautiful girls below all came from a hoarding situation in February 20'.

Each one of these girls have their own unique personality, though they're quite shy and timid due to their past.  In their previous location, they were kept outdoors at all times and away from human contact.  They were allowed to stay in a small wooden box/cage like where they laid in their own filth and were provided old hay graze from.  Please help us find appropriate homes for each one of these beauties with families that'll provide them comfort, love and warmth.  Because they're timid, it may take some time for them to open up and trust human touch once more, but we guarantee it'll be worth every second of it!


Asher was surrendered to us in March due to previous owner unable to provide the proper attention she needed.  She was kept outdoors and brought in during storms and cold weather..

Originally, Asher's mom thought she was a boy for over 6yrs and once she entered our rescue, we confirmed that she was in fact a female but decided to keep her unique name!

Asher is a calm older girl who absolutely LOVES to be petted, but also likes her own space.  We believe she'll do best in a quite home with older kids that'll know to respect her space as well as handle her gently as she's a fragile girl.


Salem here!  I was found outdoors by a wonderful woman who took me into her home.  After awhile she realized I wasn't getting enough attention and did her best to find a rescue that would take me in, so here I am!!

Salem is a very sweet and adventurous girl that eagerly waits for her pellets in the evening, she gets super anxious and happily bounces until you give her some!

We estimate Salem to be around 4 years old and has perfect litter manners.  Come meet Salem today!


Meet our Puff - he's..puffy and extra fluffy

He's the biggest of the bunch, well the fluffier of the bunch. Pax may be the biggest.. Puff is one of the calmer siblings, super adorable, has grayish markings, adores his hay and an avid bowl flipper.

He enjoys his pellets laid out rather than in a bowl We don't argue with such fluff

Puff is ready to meet his forever family!!


Meet our fluffy Play-Doh.

This playful boy is one of 5 siblings who are looking for a home to call their own. Play-Doh is a sweet boy who loves his hay, his toys and to lay out and stretch.  Come meet this fluffy down to earth boy and see all the fluffiness that is him!  He responds very well to treats and wants a companion of his own to love!


This is Peter, Play-Dohs brother. Born December of 2020, he's the smallest of the bunch, along with his sister, Phoebe. Peter was named by our son, as this was around Easter time!

Peter is VERY curious and playful, extremely lovable and soft [like his siblings] and is ready to be your favorite companion!!  He's eager to explore and give you kisses along the way.


Einstein has been with our rescue for awhile as a sanctuary but we very much believe he deserves a family that will give him all of the attention.  When first arriving at our rescue, he was a bit timid and shy. Over time he has come out of his shell and really loves attention and treats!

He enjoys running around and being petted. This fuzzy guy will need more grooming than a short hair bunny being an Angora/Lionhead. Long soft hair all over can mat up quickly so routine brushing will be necessary as well as a possible trim by an experienced rabbit groomer or professional.


Dixie is a BIG beautiful girl. That's right, she's a Giant Flemish. Born in mid December of 2020

her and her 3 siblings joined us. With some attention she will open up and make and

an amazing companion.


Meet Chanel - this beauty waits for you to come near her x-pen just so you can give her some love.

Chanelle is just over a year old and is quite the love-bug.  She's great with children and is quite eager to spend time with you.