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Adopt Me

Mini - In Foster Care

Mini is not only a gorgeous girl, but very sweet and calm.

A bit shy and quiet but loves head rubs.

Mini is looking for a calm household ready to give her love.

Would love to free-roam and has excellent litter box manners!

Looking to bond with another similar to her, chill and calm

Sunny and Luna

Sunny and Luna are a bonded pair. Luna gets a bit shy but will come up to you once she gets to you know. Sunny, on the other hand, is very curious and loves to see what's going on. The 2 make the perfect pair as they compliment one another. Sunny is protective of Luna and always watches over her. The both are very loving!

Sunny was born on 6/12/19 and Luna is approximately 2-3 years old as well. They are fixed and ready for a home!!

Angie - In Foster Care

Angie is a shy girl that will require an experienced handler to work with her. Once she's given the time and space to grow with the proper family, she'll blossom into the perfect bun that she is. She had a rough past and deserves the perfect family to help come out of her shell.


Jeffrey is a quiet but a nosey little guy.  He'll squeak/whistle out of excitement when he hears you enter the room with some pellets!  Jeffrey gets especially happy and will popcorn once he gets some of his favorite fruits and vegetables, you've got to see it!


Emma is one of the loose babies that were found/rescued in Coral Springs that we took in.  We believe Emma to be between 1-1.5yrs old.

She has an appetite and is drinking well!

Emma is quite afraid of just about everything but with time she'll learn to trust and play.  We highly recommend that Emma goes to a home with an experienced and patient bunny owner. 


Say hello to Peaches - We believe she's approximately 1-1.5yrs old..

She's quite timid but with a family's love and support , she'll be ready for a home in no time. She has quite the appetite and is learning to play little by little.

Peaches was part of a rescued group that were set loose in Coral Springs.  We highly recommend that Peaches goes to a home with an experienced and patient bunny owner.


Meet Zoe, this beautiful Lionhead-Angora mixed girl is unique!

She was surrendered to us by a family who could no longer keep her due to moving into a smaller apartment.  We believe Zoe to be around 2-3 years old as she was adopted last year (2020) for Easter.  Zoe will require constant grooming by her family to help keep fur from tangling and matting, this will also help to bond!  

Zoe has a very sweet personality and loves to play and explore once she becomes comfortable in her surroundings and trusts her humans.  She's quite the beauty and we can't stress enough how important it is to keep up with her grooming needs or she will become VERY matted and an experienced bunny groomer will need to remove the matted hair from her.