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Adopt Me


Mini is not only a gorgeous girl, but very sweet and calm.

A bit shy and quiet but loves head rubs.

Mini is looking for a calm household ready to give her love.

Would love to free-roam (or at least have enough space to hop, stretch and play inside an x-pen) and has excellent litter box manners!

Mini will need to be an only bunny as she loves to have all of the attention on her, she's not a fan of sharing her hoomans

Angie & Marshmallow

Angie is a shy girl that will require an experienced handler to work with her. Once she's given the time and space to grow with the proper family, she'll blossom into the perfect bun that she is. She had a rough past and deserves the perfect family to help come out of her shell. Angie and Marshmallow have grown to lover each other and have a great bond helping one another with their shyness. Both are very sweet and love laying around as well as playing together.

With time and patience, we truly believe that both Marshmallow and Angie will blossom and be less timid.  For this reason, we recommend only a very patient, understanding and calm family [without young children] for these two cuties!


Dolly is a young Dutch girl who very much enjoys her treats and hay.  She loves to be petted once you have her trust, which is very understandable as she's been passed around a few times from one home to a wildlife center and hasn't quite figured out what's going on.  Dolly has both blue and brown in her eyes, making her extra special and beautiful!  Come sit with this little girl and fall in love with her adorable personality!

Update: Dolly and Frodo are now bonded and must be adopted together ❤️ These two absolutely adore one another and are twice the sweetness!


Frodo was originally from a H.S. who normally does not handle bunnies, just dogs and cats.  When we received the call about taking him in, we were not aware of his broken/dislocated hip/foot, as we were not given those details.  We were unprepared to take another sanctuary under our care, but quickly fell in love with this baby boy and were over the moon with his gentleness.  Although his hip/foot does not sit properly, he's quite the fast runner [we found this the hard way, haha] and he doesn't seem to notice that he's slightly different than the others.  He's finally putting on some weight, has been neutered and is living a wonderful life with us.  The vets have advised us that over the years, as Frodo ages, he may suffer from arthritis pain and so we've taken on the challenge to ensure that he'll always be taken care of and loved for the beautiful angel that he is.

Update: As we continue to monitor and love Frodo, we're trying our hardest to find a loving and understanding family for Frodo and Dolly as they're now bonded.  Together they make the sweetest bun couple that are full of love!  We have many folks turn down Frodo due to his condition, but to us, it makes him that much more special, not everyone has the soft spot for the unwanted!